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Album: Mer De Noms
  1. Rollercoaster

  2. Shot To Pieces

  3. Amity

  4. Bad Movie Scene

  5. Colorado Incident

  6. Analog Park

  7. Herbal Movement

  8. Saturnine

  9. Morphia's Waltz

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Album: How To Measure A Planet?
  1. Frail [You Might As Well Be Me]

  2. Great Ocean Road

  3. Rescue Me

  4. My Electricity

  5. Liberty Bell

  6. Red Is A Slow Colour

  7. The Big Sleep

  8. Marooned

  9. Travel

  10. Illuminating

  11. Locked Away

  12. Probably Built In The Fifties

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Album: Nighttime Birds
  1. On Most Surfaces [Inuït]

  2. Confusion

  3. The May Song

  4. The Earth Is My Witness

  5. New Moon, Different Day

  6. Third Chance

  7. Kevin's Telescope

  8. Nighttime Birds

  9. Shrink

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Album: Mandylion
  1. Strange Machines

  2. Eléanor

  3. In Motion #1

  4. Leaves

  5. Fear The Sea

  6. Sand And Mercury

  7. In Motion #2

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